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Civil Engineering
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Civil Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering is the one celebrating its age on par with Karaikal Polytechnic College, as this department was started at first, in 1988. The department was commenced with an intake of 30 students in the beginning, and at present has a sanctioned intake of 40 students. It has come across imparting technician education to a score of the society and even to the second generation of pupils, over a span of 25 years.

Civil Engineering department gradually acquired and got completely furnished with all instruments, tools, equipments and machineries requisite for the curriculum, whose book value touches as nearly as one crore rupees. It also shares its infrastructure for students of other branches of study in our institution. Focus now, is the infrastructure development with a smart classroom and an exclusive computer lab for the department.

The Faculty of the Civil Engineering department with one Head of department and five Lecturers are renowned for their dedication in upbringing good technicians who are the artisans of future. The department is also magnanimous to extend consultancy services to Civil Engineering Contractors and Govt departments, and by the way generate a local revenue income to the College and to PIPMATE.

Acivitities Of The Department:

  •    The Department conducts Seminars, Workshops, Displays Technical Videos, Frequent field visit, Survey camp at different places. etc.,

  •    Aids students in the project work of which many computer aided projects are being carried out.

  •    Offers consultancy services to several organizations, Viz., PIPDIC, PAJANCOA, BSNL, Power Grid Corporation (PPCL), Municipality, State & Central Public Works Department, etc.,


Department of Civil Engineering has neat and tidy classrooms with enough durable furniture for all students, spacious halls for drafting/drawing classes, staff rooms and sufficient basic amenities for all.

The following laboratories are equipped well and good:
  • Materials Testing lab

  • Construction Practice lab

  • Hydraulics lab

  • Transportation Engineering lab

  • Survey lab

  • Environmental Engineering lab

  • Plumbing lab

The following major equipments and machineries are available in the department laboratories:
  • Two Universal testing machines (UTM) – 100 tons capacity and 25 tons capacity

  • Three Compression testing machines – 100 tons capacity

  • Two Impact testing machines on metals

  • Brinell’s and Rockwell hardness tester

  • Torsion testing machines on wires and rods

  • Two concrete compaction factor apparatus

  • Sieve sets and sieve shakers for fine and coarse aggregates

  • Concrete mixer machine

  • Concrete table vibrator

  • Cement cube vibrator

  • Vicat’s apparatus

  • Specific gravity apparatus to test on stones

  • Attrition testing machine

  • Abrasion testing machine

  • Impact testing machine to test tiles

  • Electric ovens

  • Core cutter and Proctor compaction apparatus

  • Direct shear apparatus

  • Plate load test apparatus

  • Casagrande apparatus

  • Water bath for bitumen tests

  • Softening point apparatus to test bitumen

  • Hydraulic study using orifice, mouthpiece, venturimeter, orificemeter, notch, centrifugal pump, reciprocating pump, etc.

  • Latest tilting levels, dumpy levels, vernier theodolites- not less than 20 in each

  • Automatic levels

  • Electronic theodolite

  • Two total stations

  • Electronic distance measurer

  • Handheld GPS sets

  • pH meter, turbidity meter and quantitative measurers for testing water quality

Subjects of Study and Curriculum outline:

  •    Engineering Mechanics

  •    Construction Materials & Practice.

  •    Surveying.

  •    Theory of Structures.

  •    Environmental Engineering and Managenent.

  •    Transportation Engineering.

  •    CAD in Civil Engineering Drawing Practices.

  •    Structural Engineering.

  •    Quantity Surveying.

  •    Computer Application in Civil Engineering.

  •    English Communication Practical.

  •    Construction Management with MIS.

  •    Hydraulics.


C.COUMARAN, Lecturer
N.BOOPATHI, Lecturer
A.NIRMALA, Lecturer
M.SOUNDIRAME, Lab Assistant