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National Cadet Corps (NCC)

Inception and significance of NCC

The NCC was createdas University Corps under the Indian DefenceAct, 1917 with the objective to train students for the Army.In 1920, when the Indian Territorial Act was passed, the “University Corps” was replaced by the “University Training Corp[s” (UTC). In 1942, the UTC was renamed as the “University Officers Training Corps” (UOTC).In September 1946, a was set up under Kunzru committee was set up for establishment of a nation-wide youth organization.The “National Cadet Corps” (NCC) came into existence on 15thJuly 1948 under National Cadets Corps Act (No.XXXI of 1948) enacted by the parliament. The Army NCC unit in Girls Division was introduced in 1949.Air force and NavalNCC Units followed soon in 1950 and 1952 respectively.This voluntary youth organization, which started with 20,000 cadets, is today probably the largest uniformed youth organization in the world with 13 lakh cadets (boys and girls).The NCC Head quarter is located in New Delhi.Control and co-ordination are exercised through 17 State Directorates.NCC Officers Training Academies are located at Kamptee for Male Officers and Gwalior for Women Officers.

The NCC, is one of the a premier youth organizationsin our country, contributed in propagating national unity and integrity amongst youth.Its role in instilling in them the values of character, discipline and hard work and in shaping them into dynamic and responsible citizens of the country had been well recognized. It is one of the foremost organization which grooms the youth, the students to be worthy citizens and future leaders of our nations and further it instils in students discipline, courage, and patriotism.

NCC is an organization trainslakhs of students under its fold.Students who have undergoneNCCtraining have self-discipline, leadership qualities and good value systems.It has played an important role in the all-round development of the youth of our country and in grooming future leaders in all fields.The contribution of the National Cadet Corps in the process of nation building and national integration has been commendable and worthy of the nation’s full support and encouragement.

The National Cadet Corps is a vibrant organizationwith pool of well-motivated and distinguished boys and girls.It plays a dominant role in nation building and imbibing selfless services, discipline and leadershipamong youth.NCC Cadets can joinDefence services. It instils in the cadets a sense of commitment to the values of National Integration, Nationalism and secularism.These qualities would not only make the youth as responsible citizens, but also help inachieving the vision of developed India It playscommendable role in grooming the cadets both physically and mentally.The well-designedcurriculum of National Cadet Corps, consisting of myriad training, adventure, cultural and social activities is of immense value to the young generation, enabling them to take on the challenges of the modernworld.