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Department Of Science And Humanities
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Department Of Science And Humanities

Science and humanities of karaikal polytechnic college, involves interdisciplinary curriculum. This department abounds in all the students of various departments together. Science and humanities embrace communication English, physics, English, chemistry, engineering maths and technical draw/engineering graphics altogether it aids the students to acquires basics skills of communication, basic mathematical, operations, application of physical science and chemistry which will enhance their department subjects.

A well – equipped laboratory for physics, chemistry and English communication are available with all essential equipments and with good infra structure. A spacious hall and drawing tables are available for all the students to do technical drawing comfortable presently there are 355 students admitted. There are 16 staff members; each section is given a faculty member to guide them towards academic excellence and personality development. All the staff members of this department are dedication to take care in various actives of first year students. A sort of counseling is given to the needy students as and when required.

The students are also given personality development programs, seminars and workshops to open a way to their future life


Our institution has a well equipped physics laboratory in a good ambience. Forty students can be accommodated at a time. The laboratory facilities have focused on the engineering physics practical’s and is fully equipped with a good number of equipments given in the syllabus such as solar cells, spectrometer, sonometer, meter bride, logic gates, potentiometer, viscosity apparatus, venire caliper, screw gauge, joules calorimeter, deflection magnetometer etc. All the equipments and apparatus are of good quality and in working condition. Separate dark room is available to experiment spectrometer. Students utilize physics laboratory in the first and second semester for engineering physics-I and engineering physics-II.


The Chemistry Laboratory conducts Engineering Chemistry Practical -I in the Semester -I and Engineering Chemistry Practical -II in the Semester -II. Engineering Chemistry Practical -I deals with Volumetric Analysis which includes Acidimetry-Alkalimetry, Permanganometry and Water Analysis [Estimation of Total Hardness of water by EDTA method and Determination of pH using pH meter] Engineering Chemistry Practical -II deals with Qualitative Analysis which includes Systematic Analysis of a simple salt and Analysis of an Effluent. The Chemistry Laboratory is equipped with apparatus required for the smooth conduct of the above labs. The laboratory houses a high precision digital balance with 0.1 mg accuracy. Further, the lab performs consultancy works for PPCL [Pondicherry Power Corporation Ltd.] periodically.


In view of the career, communication and life skills have become an integral part of the syllabus so as to enhance the future professionals with effective life skills and proficiency in the art of communication. English communication lab at karaikal polytechnic college is well-furnished, completely equipped with all technical facilities and surrounded by a peaceful, air-condition, sound-proof ambience. The lab is technically shaped with all the needed electronic devices for communication skills like OHP, white board, computers, tape recorder, television, VCD player, etc. Premium software are installed for pronunciation, grammar, sentence formation and all. The English communication lab can accommodate 50 students at a time. All the LSRW soft skills, group discussion & interview skills are acquired well by dint of English communication.

Subjects of Study and Curriculum outline:

The subjects of study shall be in accordance with the syllabus prescribed from time to time, both in theory and practical.


Board Examinations in all subjects of all the semesters under the scheme of examinations will be conducted at the end of each semester.The Internal assessment marks for all the subjects will be awarded on the basis of continuous internal assessment earned during the semester concerned. For each subject 25 marks are allotted for internal assessment and 75 marks are allotted for Board Examination.

Continuous Internal Assessment:

A . For Theory Subjects:
The Internal Assessment marks for a total of 25 marks, which are to be distributed as follows:
i. Subject Attendance(5 Marks)
Award of marks for subject attendance to each subject theory/practical will as per the range given below:
80% - 83% - 1 Mark
84% - 87% - 2 Marks
88% - 91% - 3 Marks
92% - 95% - 4 Marks
96% - 100% - 5 Marks
ii) Test # (10 Marks)
2 Tests each of 2 hours duration for a total of 50 marks are to be conducted. Out of which the best one will be taken and the marks to be reduced to 05 marks.
The Test – III is to be the Model test covering all the five units and the marks so obtained will be reduced to 05 marks.


Test I

Unit – I & II

End of 6th week


2 Hrs

Test II

Unit – III & IV

End of 12th week


2 Hrs

Test III

Model Examination - Compulsory
Covering all the 5 Units.
(Board Examination-question

End of 15th week


3 Hrs

Question Paper Pattern for the Periodical Test :( Test - I & Test- II)
With no choice: Total 50 marks
PART A type questions: 4 Questions X 2 mark … … 8 marks
PART B type questions: 4 Questions X 3 marks … … 12 marks
PART C type questions: 3 Questions X 10 marks … … 30 marks
iii) Assignment 10 Marks
For each subject Three Assignments are to be given each for 20 marks and the average marks scored should be reduced for 10 marks.
All Test Papers and assignment notebooks after getting the signature with date from the students must be kept in the safe custody in the Department for verification and audit. It should be preserved for 2 Semesters and produced to the flying squad and the inspection team at the time of inspection/verification.
B. For Practical Subjects:
The internal assessment mark for a total of 25 marks which are to be distributed as follows:-
a) Attendance : 5 Marks (Award of marks as same as Theory subjects)
b) Procedure/ observation and tabulation/ Other Practical related Work : 10 Marks
c) Record writing : 10 Marks

  • All the Experiments/exercises indicated in the syllabus should be completed and the same to be given for final board examinations.
  • The Record for every completed exercise should be submitted in the subsequent Practical classes and marks should be awarded for 20 for each exercise as per the above allocation.
  • At the end of the Semester, the average marks of all the exercises should be calculated for 20 marks and the marks awarded for attendance is to be added to arrive at the internal assessment mark for Practical. (20+5=25 marks)
  • The students have to submit the duly signed bonafide record note book/file during the Practical Board Examinations.
  • All the marks awarded for assignment, Test and attendance should be entered in the Personal Log Book of the staff, who is handling the subject. This is applicable to both Theory and Practical subjects.

Life and Employability Skill Practical:
The Life and Employability Skill Practical with more emphasis is being introduced in IV Semester for Circuit Branches and in V Semester for other branches of Engineering. Much Stress is given to increase the employability of the students:
Internal assessment Mark ….. 25 Marks
Project Work:
The students of all the Diploma Programmes (except Diploma in Modern Office Practice) have to do a Project Work as part of the Curriculum and in partial fulfillment for the award of Diploma by the State Board of Technical Education and Training, Tamilnadu. In order to encourage students to do worthwhile and innovative projects, every year prizes are awarded for the best three projects i.e. institution wise, region wise and state wise. The Project work must be reviewed twice in the same semester.
a) Internal assessment mark for Project Work & Viva Voce:Total 25 marks
Project Review I … 10 marks
Project Review II … 10 marks
Attendance … 05 marks (award of marks same as theory subjects pattern)
Proper record to be maintained for the two Project Reviews, and It should be preserved for 2 Semesters and produced to the flying squad and the inspection team at the time of inspection/verification.
b) Allocation of Mark for Project Work & Viva Voce in Board Examination: Total 65 marks
Viva Voce … 30 marks
Marks for Report Preparation, Demo … 35 marks
c) Written Test Mark (from 2 topics for 30 minutes duration): Total 10 marks
i) Environment Management 2 questions X 2 ½ marks = 5 marks
iI) Disaster Management 2 questions X 2 ½ marks = 5 marks
Selection of Questions should be from Question Bank, by the External Examiner. No choice need be given to the candidates.
A neatly prepared PROJECT REPORT as per the format has to be submitted by individual during the Project Work & Viva Voce Board examination.


S.BRINDHA, Lecturer
J.JAGANATH, Lecturer
G.RAMANAN, Lecturer
A.SHARMIL, Lecturer