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National Service Scheme

The students take active participation in the National Service Scheme (N.S.S) activities as a part of extra – curricular activities. The N.S.S. scheme having the motto of "NOT ME BUT YOU" helps the students to develop social awareness and a broadminded approach.

Activities of N.S.S. are:

Organizing orientation programmes by special guests on

  •    Personality development

  •    Career guidance

  •    Health Care

  •    Sanitation (in & around the campus)

  •    Participation in ralies of social causes

  •    Celebration of day of National importance

  •    Assisting other department personnal on emergency

  •    Organizing special camps on afforestation, rural education etc.

Programme Officers:

S. Srinivasan, B.Tech,M.E,Ph.d* Lecturer / EEE
E-Mail: srinivasan.pec@gmail.com
Phone: 8608647410