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Women's Helpline 24x7

1090 Women Helpline No.

A 24x7 women helpline number and a security system has been established in our Karaikal Polytechnic College(KPTC) campus for providing safety to students and female faculty and non-teaching faculty as per the guidelines of AICTE, New Delhi.

Women Helpline Nos. --> Open Details

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Pscychological Counselling

In recent times, the necessity of counseling services in college has become paramount. To offer support and foster students', faculties and non-teaching faculties mental well-being, our college has established a dedicated psychological counseling cell. This initiative leverages the expertise and experience of professionals from the psychology department. In today's highly competitive environment, students face a myriad of demands and challenges. From personal issues to crisis management, decision-making to developmental factors, meeting expectations, and gaining individual insight, students may encounter significant stress. Counselors play a crucial role in helping students navigate challenging life situations, offering tools and insights to manage mental health issues like anxiety and depression. The goal of counseling is to empower students to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Counsellor Contact Details:
Dr. R.Suryakumar,
State Consultant - National Tobacco Control Programme,
Department of Health and Family Welfare Services,
Government of Puducherry.
Mob: 9894553615